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at sun valley's best gun range

Available 365 DAYS A Year

Family Fun & Groups

Our NRA certified instructors have a wealth of knowledge and will provide you with a safe and fun shooting experience.

Private Lessons

No matter what level you are shooting at our NRA certifed instructors will improve your marksmanship and get you on target quickly and safely.

Meet Jeff

Jeff Kreyssig is an NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer. His Firearm Training business was launched to fill a need for a fun, safe and relaxing shooting experience. Those students who do not want to be in a Shooting School with intense instructors or hard core training methods will find this to their liking. Fun Shoots are tailored for the Sun Valley visitor. They allow you to maximize your "fun quota" in less than a half a day, leaving you time for other activities. Students learn the basics and then are allowed to shoot at their own pace. Jeff encourages target shooting games, utilizing the Shooting Range's array  of steel and paper targets. Should the client want a more comprehensive firearm lesson this would fall under a private.


Jeff's teaching method is a compilation of training ideas and drills that he has experienced over his career. Always the student, Jeff is constantly training learning the newest and best methods. That information is passed on to the firearm student in a relaxed and patient manner. Get Your Shoot on Idaho has been critically acclaimed by visitors and locals as a Five Star Firearm Experience! Many were reluctant to attend a Shooting School for one reason or another. They all leave smiling, happy and glad they booked with Get Your Shoot on Idaho!



Los Angeles,CA

Jeff treated myself and friend to a last minute lesson back in Feb of this year. He was super accommodating to meet with us such last minute and we even got so lucky that we had the whole gun range to ourselves. We were complete novices and appreciated that Jeff was very patience and thorough with form techniques. We got to shoot several types of guns from hand guns to the big boys! Great teacher, great time - thanks a lot!


Ketchum, ID

Jeff was an amazing firearms instructor. He carefully detailed the safest way to handle the various types of guns that we used throughout the session. He taught proper posture and firing techniques. I learned a tremendous amount and drastically improved my on-target groupings. Whether you're looking to learn more about firearms or just itching to put a few rounds through the chamber, Jeff with Get Your Shoot On is definitely your guy!



We had a great time with Get Your Shoot On! We were a group of 3 first timers and Jeff and Clay were great instructors. Having 2 instructors for only 3 of us was great because there was barely any standing around time and we each got a lot of personal attention. We were on the range for about 2.5 hours and tried 6 different guns. Jeff was very accommodating to our schedule and very responsive when making arrangements over email.

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